Specialist tracks

Software applications

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You will learn about design and management of business information systems as a support for the organisation and its specific corporate needs. In particular you will learn how to organize and run large-scale software projects, i.e. projects involving several programmers for long periods of time, with a focus on various problems such as correction and maintenance of products.    

Automation and intelligent cyber-physical systems


You will examine topics related to design, as well as the theoretical and experimental analysis of models by predicting, monitoring and diagnosing internal mechanisms. You will also learn about logistics and mobility management of vehicles, people and objects, with a focus on application domains, automation and basic management.  

Graphics and multimedia


You will study modern modelling and rendering techniques, hardware architecture of graphics systems and devices for interactive graphics, virtual reality and videogaming. You will learn about design of interactive and real-time environments, techniques of representation, compression and transmission of audio and video signals.    .

Artificial intelligence and data analytics

You will learn about the technological and theoretical aspects of big data analysis, machine learning algorithms, deep learning and artificial intelligence for data analysis. In particular, the focus is on theoretical and mathematical aspects of data analysis, technologies for big data processing, distributed processing systems and algorithms and techniques of artificial intelligence and deep learning.   


You will learn how to design and evaluate IT security tools with reference to the technological and theoretical aspects that allow to understand the weaknesses of IT systems and their protection, including the    technical and organizational aspects of IT systems protection and the mathematical cryptographic techniques that can provide security solutions. In addition, you will learn about experimental and analytical techniques for assessing the degree of security of an existing system.   

Computer networks and cloud computing


You will learn more about the development of distributed systems and cloud computing as well as performance evaluation of distributed systems. The topics that you will explore include software development in distributed environments, performance evaluation of distributed systems, development of advanced applications and services in local and geographic networks. Special attention is also given to communication, synchronization and interaction between    product applications and hardware components, design of corporate networks and data centres, as well as to analysis of communication systems based on modern technologies.

Embedded systems


You will study automatic design of complex digital systems. You will learn about the methods of hardware description and their use in the field of automated synthesis systems and the optimization    techniques to improve final product performance. You will also analyse the problems connected with the correctness and reliability of the final product by evaluating the impact of the various assessment and optimization techniques.