How to apply (hints)

Apply procedure

Different apply processes must be followed, depending on: (i) you have or not an Italian Bachelor; (ii) you live or not in Italy. You must carefully read the instructions, the requirements and the deadlines available for applicants with non-Italian qualification and for applicants with Italian qualification.

Here we report some typical cases. 

If you are a student without an Italian BSc (e.g., a foreign student), you have two calls per year, each of them lasting about one month. The first call opens typically in December and the second one in March. We recommend to plan your application in advance since it is not immediate.

For the current academic year, the deadline for non-EU applicants living outside Italy are available here.

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for foreign students are available

If you are a student with an Italian BSc and live in Italy (e.g., Italian student), you have two calls per year, the first in May-October and the second in December-March, depending on the semester you will join the MSc.

You can select up to 2 MSc programs to apply, in order of preferences. Note that when admitted, you can still choose freely among the two choices. 


The recommended BSc to apply is in any field of Engineering, Computer science, Mathematics. 

The minimum English requirement is B2 level, corresponding to IELTS 5.5.


If you need a visa, you must start the visa process as soon as you can, since in some countries it takes many months to get a visa. You have to pre-enroll in spring according to the instructions here. Note that Politecnico international students office can provide some assistance, but the visa process is completely outside our scope/control.  

Further issues?

If you have additional questions not answered in the above links, you are welcome to join the dedicated TELEGRAM CHANNEL on joining Communications Engineering.