Programme details

What will you learn?

The professionally oriented training path in manufacturing industry technologies is divided into three areas of learning:

  • CORE FOUNDATION (chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science), necessary for interpreting, describing, and resolving engineering problems and that enables you to update your professional knowledge in accordance with the principle of Lifelong Learning.
  • BROAD FOUNDATION IN INDUSTRIAL AND INFORMATION ENGINEERING, which pays special attention to the specialist subjects such as industrial automation, production systems, processing technologies, industrial plants, new digital technologies, and management economics.
  • TECHNICAL FOUNDATION AND APPLIED EXPERIENCE which facilitate entry into the labour market and rapid achievement of high levels of independence and performance, as well as their improvement over time, thanks to the elective courses.

At the end of the degree programme, you will have to take a final exam that involves developing a final project relating to the internship activities undertaken during the three-year degree.

How will you learn it?

The degree programme is Italian-taught.

You will learn via “learning by doing” and “learning by thinking” methodologies, in which knowledge is only transmitted in part through lectures and mainly by your participating in laboratory and design activities with a practical/operational bent.

Three internships, distributed synergistically throughout the three-year degree programme, will help you to understand the rules with which you will operate in the industrial context. In the last year, in part thanks to the experience gained, the internship may take on a “problem-solving” bent that, beginning with the problem assigned, will enable you to propose an innovative and flexible technical solution.

In preparation for this final phase of the internship, again in the final year, there will be a project laboratory where you will acquire skills in integration, “decision-making”, and “problem-solving” in concrete studio cases, specific to the production department in which you wish to specialise.