After graduation

The main career opportunities can be classified in two categories: 

  1. Continue your studies with a Master’s degree programme: up to the present almost 100% of your colleagues have chosen to continue this pathway
  2. Alternatively, you can start working as Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer by choosing one of the following career fields:
    • Telecommunication system manager, working in management teams, maintaining and developing telecommunication networks at various levels, both national and international;
    • Digital signal processing system designer, expert on digital signal processing, a technique highly demanded by companies in different areas: from bioengineering, industrial automation, automotive and many others;
    • Junior ICT designer, who collaborates in design, production, and assistance in ITC field as freelancer as well as company employee;
    • Junior assistance and mantaining engineer, providing maintenance and assistance to customers using electronic instruments and software.

Most opportunities are in the fields of design, engineering, production, operation and maintenance of electronic systems in general and telecommunications systems, signal processing and telecommunications networks in particular, including promotion, sales, technical assistance.