Programme details

What will you learn?

from the Models Lab

The degree programme is organised across six semesters according to thematic “rooms”, so as to encourage learning around a theme and better grasp the connections between the different disciplines.

  • Instruct: the first year is dedicated to acquiring an initial framework of theories, methods, and tools that are needed to understand and become familiar with the complexity of the architectural plan and of architecture;
  • Place: the third semester focuses on the relationship between architecture and the local territory, through studies and analyses of an urban and town planning nature that comprise elements of the history of architecture and of the modern city;
  • Build: the fourth semester offers a cultural and technical investigation of the relationship between: project and context (site), project and verifying requirements for well-being and comfort; project and structural performances; project and construction activities;
  • Enquire: the fifth semester is dedicated to explore topics that range from restoration to planning theories, passing through theories of valuation and of property value and that concludes with the study of the history of city, from ancient times to the contemporary age;
  • Explore: the sixth semester involves teaching of a more theoretical bent oriented towards the professional perspective; alternatively, you will be able to participate in multidisciplinary workshops that confront some important national/international themes, or, again, topics that may be considered as orienting you towards your choice of Master’s degree.

How will you learn it?

Una classe in un'aula del Castello

The degree programme is Italian-taught or English-taught. In the second semester of Year 3, subject to passing the English language exam (or Italian for Architecture students), you will be able to choose courses and workshops in one of the two languages. In addition, you may undertake part of the training path abroad.

You will learn through single-discipline lessons relating to basic knowledge and technology, drawing and architectural survey laboratories, geomatics, the history of architecture and of the city, theory of design and architecture technology, single and multi-disciplinary workshops centred on architecture design, on different scales and with different degrees of exploration (planned for each year of the training path).

In Year 2 workshops are elective; from the second semester of Year 2, you will be able to include free credits in your study plan, choosing from: courses offered in the university catalogue, courses offered by other universities, national and international planning and construction workshops, research essays and student team activities; as an alternative to a 300-hour internship; in the second semester of Year 3, you will be able to choose a course of related, supplementary disciplines, a multi-disciplinary workshop and two laboratories; in this way, you will be able to orient your training based on your own interests.