After graduation

By creating a cultural basis in all the fields of knowledge related to architecture, this degree course provides basic competences and skills in the design of architectural works and the construction and management of buildings. Skills that enable the continuation of studies in many master's courses: architecture and urban planning, design and technology, planning and landscape, conservation and restoration. 

The skills acquired by three-year architecture graduates are also essential for access to the freelance profession: the three-year degree trains independent professional figures capable of “designing simple civil buildings with the use of standardised methodologies” and “carrying out direct and instrumental surveys of current and historical buildings”, as well as collaborating in the architectural design process at various scales, from concept to construction and management, with the ability to analyse and critically elaborate, within professional design studios, in public administration and private enterprises.

There are many possible paths:

  • continue your studies with a Master’s degree programme;
  • continue your training path by enrolling in one of the postgraduate diplomas;
  • work as a freelance professional, subject to passing the state examination and enrolment in the board of architects, list B, sector A (“junior” architect).