VLSI for secure and cryptographic systems


Communication and data security are extremely important elements in the present and future world. Today, new threats to data security are emerging (for example from quantum computing), along with the need for new primitives (suitable for example for IoT devices). In this rapidly evolving scenario, the research community is showing a growing interest in the study and development of  strongly protected modes of execution and privileged access to dedicated crypto modules. This is an interdisciplinary domain, involving not only information theory and mathematics, but also computer science and electronic engineering. In particular, there emerges  a strong need for new solutions based on RISC-V  to provide trusted execution mode,  low power consumptions, adequate performance as well as  proper protection against the new post quantum challenges.

ERC sectors 

  • PE6_1 Computer architecture, embedded systems, operating systems
  • PE6_2 Distributed systems, parallel computing, sensor networks, cyber-physical systems
  • PE7_4 (Micro- and nano-) systems engineering


  • Cryptography
  • Post-quantum cryptography
  • Embedded systems
  • Hardware accelerators
  • Integrated circuits