VLSI for digital signal processing


Digital signal processing is a relevant topic in several fields of electronics. Today, embedded systems are often equipped with complex signal processing functionalities, such as image and video processing. Moreover, the need for reliable communications requires implementing effective error correcting codecs. In this context, there is a lot of interest in the design and implementation of flexible and efficient hardware architecture implementing digital signal processing functionalities. This is an interdisciplinary domain, involving not only information theory and mathematics, but also computer science and electronic engineering.

ERC sectors 

  • PE6_1 Computer architecture, embedded systems, operating systems
  • PE6_2 Distributed systems, parallel computing, sensor networks, cyber-physical systems
  • PE7_4 (Micro- and nano-) systems engineering


  • DSP, image and video coding
  • Error correcting codes
  • Embedded systems
  • Hardware accelerators
  • Integrated circuits