Integrated front-end electronics for radiation detectors


Modern experiments in nuclear and particle physics and astrophysics require sophisticated sensors capable to detect charged particles and photons with both very high spatial and timing accuracy. Such sensors are read-out by specialized multi-channel integrated circuits that perform in real time a specialized signal processing. Very often such circuits need to be closely tailored to the specific application, thus requiring custom and novel solutions. The design of custom integrated front-end electronics for radiation sensors has thus emerged as a dedicated research activity, encompassing high-level system modelling, circuit design and verification, and testing. Such systems are increasingly employed also in nuclear medicine, material science at synchrotron radiation facilities and other applied domains.

ERC sectors 

  • PE2_2 Particle physics
  • PE2_3 Nuclear physics
  • PE7_7 Signal processing
  • PE7_11 Components and systems for applications


  • Particle detectors
  • Photon detectors
  • Signal processing
  • Front-end electronics
  • Mixed-signal ASICs