Multi-energy system operation and planning


Electricity from renewable sources is expected to assume the central role in the future energy mix. However, electricity could not assure by itself the complete decarbonisation of the energy systems, due to the presence of “hard-to-abate” final uses (as the production of high temperature process heat in industry, and the long-distance maritime and aviation transport), requiring a synergy with other commodities. The aim of the proposed research activities is to model and investigate – under and energy planning perspective and through the development of innovative tools – the dialogue between electricity, green hydrogen and alternative fuels (both biofuels and synthetic fuels), and its relevance with respect to the goals of the energy transition, by taking into consideration the different energy pathways (from production to conversion and to final uses), their overall energy/exergy efficiency, their environmental and economic implications, the possible creation of new industrial value chains and the barriers to overcome.

ERC sectors 

  • PE7_12 Electrical energy production, distribution, applications
  • PE7_2 Electrical engineering: power components and/or systems
  • PE7_3 Simulation engineering and modelling


  • Sector coupling
  • Energy shifting
  • Energy and exergy efficiency
  • Environmental and economic impact
  • Power-to-X