Design, monitoring and optimization of computer and telecommunication networks


This research field aims at the design of network algorithms and protocols that optimize the management and control of computer and telecommunication networks at all levels (core, metro, access and Campus/Enterprise/LAN networks) and on all physical layer platforms (wireless links, optical fibers, satellite links, microwave links, etc). In the specific scenario of green networking, the optimization targets specifically energy minimization and sustainability.

Novel architectures are considered, as enabled software-defined networking and virtualization, tailored for 5G and beyond wireless networks and for new optical fiber networks. Traffic monitoring integrated in programmable networks enables the design of “self-driving” networks, which optimize the performance and the resilience by reacting promptly to any state change. Specific applications are considered, very challenging to support in a network, as networked music and distributed online gaming, in which end-user applications are integrated with advanced network capabilities for Quality of Service (QoS) support and Quality of Experience (QoE) control.

ERC sectors 

  • PE7_8 Networks, e.g. communication networks and nodes, Internet of Things, sensor networks, networks of robots


  • Network algorithms and protocols
  • Network design, planning and optimization
  • 5G and beyond 5G architecture
  • Green networking
  • Software-defined networking