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Unite’s Virtual Exchange Credit Programme

Studying abroad without leaving home might seem paradoxical, but it's a reality thanks to Unite’s Virtual Exchange Credit Programme (VECP).

The VECP initiative was launched July 2020 in response to the global pandemic.The aim was to create new opportunities for students to continue their academic journey despite the mobility challenges posed by COVID-19.
The programme allows students to select online courses offered by Unite! partner universities, gain credits, and enrich their study programmes, making higher education more flexible and accessible.

Currently, Unite! Offers VECP courses in the fields of energy as well as multicultural and multilingual courses.
Established and Collaborative. The VECP is one of the longest-running collaborative projects within the Unite! alliance.
With well-established processes and guidelines, the programme is supported by the Framework Agreement for Unite! Flexible Education Offerings and the Multilateral Agreement for Unite! Virtual Exchange Credit Programme. These agreements ensure students can seamlessly take virtual courses from other universities within the alliance.

Goals and Benefits of the VECP Course Collections
The VECP is designed to:
  1. Increase the number of virtual mobilities among Unite! universities.
  2. Ensure broad integration of students regardless of financial and social background
  3. Support students in obtaining an international study path
  4. Expand access to partner universities’ specialised knowledge via online courses.
Not just a substitute!
While the VECP is a valuable addition to physical student mobility, it is not intended to replace traditional exchanges. Instead, it offers an alternative that can complement physical mobility, providing more flexible and inclusive options for students to internationalise their education from home.

Contribute to the VECP as a Unite! faculty member
If you have a course that you would like to add to the Unite! VECP collection, please contact Vilma Jokinen ( or Marisa Könitz (
Your participation is most welcome! And of course, as always, feel free to share these courses with your current students so they’re aware of such opportunities.

Get Involved in the VECP as a Unite! student
The Virtual Exchange Energy Courses collection is now open for application! All of the VECP course collections are always published on the Unite! Student catalogue. You can also click here to see the current collection VECP Energy Courses.
Jump on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your academic experience and gain international perspectives from the comfort of your home with the Unite! Virtual Exchange Credit Programme!