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Unite! Student Contest

Unite! students will be offered the opportunity to film a short video showing every step of a basic university day in their life. The purpose of this format is to show the notions of diversity and interculturality that define Unite!. The short film (max. length 3 minutes) will be shown as an example of common and uncommon students’ life from Unite!’s nine partner universities. It should highlight the student’s personal life and habits, and make other universities’ students interested in the Unite! diversity.

The contest is open to all students at Unite! universities (undergraduates, graduates, doctoral, local, international, exchange, etc). Students are only allowed one video to participate. The video should be presented as one day, it should show a full day of a student’s academic life. Include both the academic aspects of your routine (campus, city, country) and also your personal aspects and favorite habits of your way of life. One or more languages of your choice. Subtitles in English are strongly encouraged (even if the language used is English).

The best videos will be used for educational purposes and on Unite!’s channels. The winners will be invited to the Unite! Students festival in Lisbon (travel expenses & accommodation included). Participation includes activities and workshops.