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Elise - 2nd open call

ELISE (European Network of AI Excellence Centres) is a network of artificial intelligence research hubs where the best European researchers in Machine Learning and AI work together to attract talent, foster research through collaboration and inspire and be inspired by industry and society.
ELISE will select 16 SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) that develop AI services or applications in one of the ELISE/ELLIS focus areas with the support of a Scientific Advisor.

Selected companies will enter the 6-month program and receive:
  • Up to € 60.000 (lump sum) to develop AI/Machine Learning applications in one of ELISE focus areas;
  • Visibility through ELISE online channels and events, and dissemination in the ELLIS community.
ELISE is looking for projects based on AI applications that address the development and implementation of technology and systems in specific focus area. Focus areas are based on ELISE/ELLIS research programs but are not limited to them as long as the proposals address high-impact societal and economic challenges using machine learning.

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the ELISE Guide for Applicants before starting to fill in the Application Form. In case you have any questions, first have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need assistance, you can send your questions to

Deadline ​16 February 2023.