Gio 13 Giu
Seminari e Convegni

Safety under uncertainty: Automotive standards for AI safety and research perspectives

This presentation describes the challenges related to the use of AI in safety-critical automotive applications (for example, automated driving). An overview of the upcoming standard ISO PAS 8800 Road Vehicles - Safety and AI will be provided, as well as the wider context of safety standards in this area.

The presentation will then motivate the structure and key concepts of ISO PAS 8800 and present how existing approaches to safety of automotive E/E systems are extended for AI and ML-based functions.

As a summary and conclusion, open research challenges will be presented. In particular, the need to address uncertainty in the assurance arguments for such systems and how this uncertainty can be evaluated and reduced.

The Institute of Electronics and Information and Telecommunication Engineering of the National Research Council (CNR-IEIIT) organizes a series of seminars on a bi-weekly basis called “Thursday Meetings” in which the Institute's characterizing issues are addressed with the support of prominent speakers in scientific, academic and industrial research, with a cross-domain view of application domains and technological areas and a look at their evolution.

Speaker: Professor Simon Burton, from University of York.