Mer 26 Giu
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Technical Session on the Messina Strait Bridge

The 26th June in Turin takes place the conference "Technical Session on the Messina Strait Bridge", that is part of the 3rd International Conference on Resilience Earthquake Engineering and Structural Health Monitoring, located in Turin and in Ispra.

The decade-long discussion over the feasibility of the Messina Strait Bridge could finally come to an end, with the construction of the bridge that will become the longest suspension bridge in the world set to start in 2024.

The Messina Strait is one of the most seismically active areas of the Mediterranean, that could be struck by Mw 7.1-7.4 earthquakes with PGAs exceeding 1g. The construction of a bridge connecting the island of Sicily to the Italian peninsula represents a compelling technical challenge as well as an incredible opportunity that would open a new mobility corridor, making the South of Italy a key node in the European infrastructure system. The technical session will present several original aspects about design challenges, seismotectonic setting of the region, influence on the design of future suspension bridges, economic opportunities, and more.

Technical Session Program

Prof. Carlo Doglioni
Sapienza University of Rome, INGV President
2:00 pm - The seismotectonic and seismic hazard of the Messina Strait

Prof. Enzo Siviero
IUAV University of Venice e Campus Rector
2:45 pm - Messina Bridge: a challenge for the future

3:30 - Discussion 4:00 - Coffee Break

Prof. Piero D’Asdia
University of Chieti and Pescara
4:15 pm - The milestone achieved in the field of long span suspension bridges thank to the case of Messina bridge

Prof. Giorgio Diana
Politecnico di Milano
5:00 pm - The Strait of Messina Bridge: Design aspects related to wind effects and train runnability

5:45 pm - Discussion