Start up - copertina
Gio 16 Mag
Seminari e Convegni

Conversation with DET startuppers

Do you think that your research findings could serve as the foundation for launching a StartUp but you still have many doubts?
Is it worth it?
Are my research results good enough to create a start-up?
How to tackle the managerial and operational aspects?
Can it truly be a way to leverage my research?
What's the best starting point?

If you are lost amidst the myriad initiatives promoted by the university, challenges, seed funding, Proof of Concept grants, incubators, accelerators: you cannot miss this meeting. 

  • Massimo Ruo Roch
  • Luigi Cerone
  • Vincenzo Randazzo
  • Jacopo Secco
  • Enrico Magli
The event is particularly aimed at PhD students, researchers under grant, RTD-A, RTD-B, but it is open to all those interested in the topic. Participation is recognized as 1 hour of hard skills for PhD students of the IEEC college. 

The event will be in English.

To participate, registration is required using this form.