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CatalyticAction 2024 Workshop - Design

The CatalyticAction 2024 Design Workshop will focus on play and on re-designing the IBTASEM playground.
In 2015, CatalyticAction launched its pilot project: a playground for Syrian refugee children.
This project highlighted the need for safe play spaces for children affected by displacement in Lebanon.
To celebrate 10 years since its inception, we decided to re-design and rehabilitate the playground to address the current needs.

The workshop participants will have a practical design experience, coming up with ideas that will inspire the rehabilitation. Alongside design activities, we will also explore together how play spaces that are co-designed can help address some of the needs of children affected by displacement and their communities. We will visit some of CatalyticAction’s completed projects to be inspired for the design activities.
The design workshop aims to coming up with practical solution for the re-design of the IBTASEM playground. We will start the design process from a design brief that has been developed together with JRS, the local organisation managing the school where the playground is located, teachers and children. JSR have been managing the school for the past 7 years and have shared with us some ideas on how the playground should adapt to answer the current needs of children and teachers.

The workshop participation fee is 490 GBP. Your participation in this workshop will support the re-design and maintenance of the IBTASEM playground as well as CatalyticAction’s ongoing activities in Lebanon, hence contributing to empower vulnerable children, youth and their communities.

Application Deadline
The deadline to receive applications is Wednesday 31 May 2024. CatalyticAction 2024 design workshop is open to all students and professionals aged 18 + with an interest in design.

How To Apply?
To apply, please fill out the online application form below.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Preliminary Schedule
  • Monday 01/07: Participants’ arrival in Tripoli and welcome meeting.
  • Tuesday 02/07: Site visit to IBTASEM playground (Bar Elias, Bekaa Valley) and other CatalyticAction's projects in the area.
  • Wednesday 03/07: CatalyticAction's projects tour in Tripoli.
  • Thursday 04/07: Design activities start (concept design).
  • Friday 05/07: Continue design activities (technical design).
  • Saturday 06/07: Design presentations and feedback.
  • Sunday 07/07: Participants' departure and closing activity.