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Disposable sensors for next-generation diagnostics

A new appointment of the Thursday Seminar cycle will be held online entitled Disposable sensors for next-generation diagnostics organised by the Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering (CNR-IEIIT).


Disposable sensors are low-cost and easy-to-handle sensing devices for short-term or single-shot measurements. Over the last decade, they have become increasingly important for medical applications, especially for the point-of-care and wearable diagnostics. In this talk, first a brief introduction to disposable sensors will be given. Afterwards, different biosensing approaches, developed in my research group, for next-generation diagnostics will be presented:
  1. Multiplexed on-site therapeutic drug monitoring of antibiotics from invasive and non-invasive samples toward personalized antibiotherapy
  2. CRISPR-powered electrochemical biosensors for target amplification-free, simultaneous and on-site detection of multiple nucleic acids and other (bio)molecules (such as proteins or drugs) for the management of infectious diseases
  3. wearable microfluidic immunosensing devices for lab-on-a-bird applications and beyond
  4. low-cost electrochemical paper-based wearable sensors that can be integrated to any type of facemask for wearable and continuous monitoring of breath biochemistry and/or testing of the infectious diseases such as coronaviruses from exhaled breath
  5. light-controlled dynamic bioassays using optogenetic switches (OptoAssays) for wash- and pump-free point-of-care diagnostics.

Speaker: Can Dincer, IMTEK & FIT - University of Freiburg

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