Raul Rojo
Gio 04 Apr
Seminari e Convegni

Lecture 3: Raul Avilla Royo – The Architect as Enabler

With Raul Avilla Royo, this lecture examines architecture’s exploration of disciplinary boundaries in challenging design methods, professional agency, and knowledge asymmetries in city decision-making.

Raul Avilla Royo is an Architect at mutu.coop, PhD RCA, adjunct lecturer at ETSAB.

For those who are interested in presence, the conferences will be held in Classroom 201 Lingotto, Thursday 4th / 13.00-14.30, but it is possible to follow the conferences live streaming on the ACC Lectures YouTube channel

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ACC Lecture Serie 2024 - Limits of architecture. Architecture of limits is curated by DASP Students / Phd in Architecture. History and Project: Federica Joe Gardella, Giulia Montanaro, Paolo Bianco, Hongye Wu, Federico Madaro, Federica Serra, Saurajeeta Bose, Caterina Juric, Marta Rossi. And coordinated by Professor Mauro Berta.