Mer 10 Apr
Seminari e Convegni

Empowering Women in Disaster Risk Reduction through Heritage

In the framework of the Horizon Europe project ‘’RESILIAGE, Advancing holistic understanding of community RESILIence and heritAGE drivers through community-based methodologies’’, you are invited to join in the webinar “Empowering Women in Disaster Risk Reduction through Heritage” which presents a timely and crucial exploration of the intersection between gender, heritage, and resilience-building strategies in the face of disasters. This virtual event brings together esteemed experts from various disciplines to discuss groundbreaking approaches that leverage natural and cultural heritage for enhancing community resilience, with a particular focus on empowering women’s roles in this vital arena. Highlighting the significance of inclusivity and gender equality, the speakers will delve into the pivotal contributions of women in science and their indispensable role in bridging the gender gap within the field of disaster risk reduction.

  • Welcome and introduction - Laurence Gillois, UNESCO Representation Office to the EU
  • Ways toward building resilience - Faduma Ali, UNESCO Disaster Risk Reduction Unit
  • Women in Science, closing the gender gap - Ana Persic, UNESCO’s Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Section
  • Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction - Mary Nyasimi, UNESCO Office in Nairobi and Regional Bureau for Science
  • Community Resilience through Heritage in Europe - Rosa Tamborrino, Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning in Politecnico
Moderated by Irina Pavlova, UNESCO Liaison Office to the EU

Organized by Politecnico and UNESCO