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Ph.D. Course - Space Architecture: a Multidisciplinary Design Exploration

This Ph.D. course offers a deep dive into the interdisciplinary field of Space Architecture, integrating crucial disciplines such as space sciences, engineering, robotics, industrial design, architecture, ergonomics, medicine, psychology, and art. Doctoral students will explore innovative design challenges, with a focus on sustainable settlements on the Moon and Mars, reflecting the growing interest in expanding human presence to these extraterrestrial locations.

The course is crafted to promote a holistic approach, ensuring students appreciate the interconnectivity of various research fields and their significance in creating habitable spaces in extreme conditions. Through engaging in computational design activities, students will learn to apply multi-objective and topology optimization strategies. These strategies are pivotal in developing projects that not only consider the unique environmental constraints of systems leverage in situ resource utilization (ISRU), marking a significant advancement in sustainable human space exploration.

The course introduces a component of co-designing in extended reality (XR) and other advanced mixed reality systems. This approach allows students to immerse themselves in highly realistic simulations of their designs, offering insight and understanding of space architecture's practical and aesthetic aspects. By integrating these advanced visualization tools, the course aims to push the boundaries of architectural design, preparing students to pioneer the future of human settlements beyond Earth.

Speaker: professor Valentina Sumini, professor Amedeo Manuello Bertetto