City buildings
Mar 16 Gen
Seminari e Convegni

Building monitoring, proactive control logic, and smart solutions

This event is the fifth of a series of lectures/conferences on smart building issues, climate-free-running building design, and operational solutions. This lecture/conference focuses on building monitoring solutions, intelligent control technologies optimisations, and proactive control logic. Contents focus on lessons learnt, including PRELUDE project initial outcomes and external expert experiences. Results include demo buildings and living lab facilities in different countries. Speakers are recognised academic and professional experts in the topic.

The PRELUDE project - Prescient building Operation utilising Real-Time data for Energy Dynamic Optimization - aims to support advanced innovative, smart, low-cost solutions supporting intelligent buildings and proactive optimisation services. Among the others, the project pursues the minimisation of energy uses, the maximisation of self-consumption and renewable sources balance, and the improvement of comfort conditions supporting the maximisation of free-running building potentials.

  • 14,30 - Giacomo Chiesa (Politecnico): Welcome and introduction to the educational event series and to the PRELUDE project;
  • 14,40 - Tristan de Kerchove (ESTIA): High energy performance building: a challenge for monitoring and control;
  • 15,00 - Martin Frandsen (AAU): Monitoring of NZEB buildings – lessons learned from two-direction communication from and to the buildings;
  • 15,20 - Michele Zinzi (ENEA): Integrating smart technologies in the ENEA Living Lab: examples from field studies;
  • 15,40 - Break;
  • 15,50 - Angelo Zarrella and Enrico Pratavieri (Università degli Studi di Padova: Sensitivity analysis on the best heating setpoint strategy for retrofitted residential buildings: a case study of with radiator systems;
  • 16,10 - Peter Klanatsky (FB, Austria) – Long-term test results of data-driven predictive control;
  • 16,30 - Q&A session.