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Gio 30 Nov
Seminari e Convegni

"PitchD, The PhD’s pitch" with Michele Caon, Farzad Nikfam and Luigi Pugliese

On Thursday 30 November 2023 a meeting of the cycle "PitchD, The PhD's pitch", organised by the IEEE Student Branch PoliTo of the Politecnico, will be held in the Aula Maxwell of the Politecnico. The speakers will be Michele Caon, Farzad Nikfam and Luigi Pugliese.

Michele Caon -
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications - DET of the Politecnico
  • Title: Unleashing the Power of Edge Computing with In-Memory and Near-Memory Architectures
Abstract: The surge in the deployment of artificial intelligence on edge devices demands a shift in embedded computer architecture. This keynote explores the extension of existing microcontroller systems with in-memory and near-memory computing architectures to achieve significant performance and energy efficiency gains while retaining flexibility and low hardware and software overhead.

Farzad Nikfam - Department of Electronics and Telecommunications - DET of the Politecnico
  • Title: AI opens up new infinite possibilities and risks, but are we ready for all of this?
Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly entering our everyday lives, bringing with it all the benefits and risks typical of Information Technology (IT). Are we truly ready and aware of the issues regarding our security and privacy? Together, we will try to explore some examples of the most significant hidden risks and examine current defense techniques.

Luigi Pugliese - Department of Automation and Control Engineering - DAUIN of the Politecnico
  • Title: Sleep Prediction utilizing commercial off-the-shelf wearable devices
Abstract: The NHTSA identifies drowsy driving as a major cause of fatal accidents akin to alcohol consumption. Our patented sleep prediction method utilizes wrist-worn wearables to monitor the Autonomic Nervous System, predicting alertness declines and enhancing road safety by analyzing Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability during the transition to sleep.