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7° Biochar School 2023 - Biochar and the city

The 7° Biochar School 2023 - Biochar and the city will be held in person on 19 and 20 October 2023 in Torino. The Biochar school addresses issues relating to biochar, a stable vegetal carbon deriving from by-products, waste or biomass of vegetal and/or animal origin.

The most important applications are in sustainable and conservative agriculture. Biochar allows you to increase soil fertility and sequester carbon in the soil , contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

Macrotopics discussed:
  • Agricultural applications;
  • Construction;
  • Ecosystem services.
Event organised by The Italian Biochar Association ICHAR

The Italian Biochar Association ICHAR is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 to promote, in synergy between the world of research and the private sector, solutions, technologies, advanced studies, demonstration activities and educational projects on the application of biochar in agriculture as an innovative strategy to increase global soil fertility and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. ICHAR, based in Florence, involves researchers, professionals, biochar producers, farmers and private companies, public institutions and ordinary citizens. The Association is today the point of reference for biochar at a national level, constantly growing not only in its participation but also in the research, promotion and dissemination initiatives implemented. In 2015 ICHAR obtained legislative recognition of biochar as a soil improver from the Ministry of Agriculture, opening a new phase for the production, marketing and use of biochar in Italian agriculture.