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REMIND Project Seminars

REMIND - Renewable Energies for water Treatment and Reuse in Mining Industries aims to develop an innovative framework of interplay between Renewable Energy Resources and innovative Water Treatment Technologies for the sustainable growth of mining industries. Within the framework of this project, the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering - DIATI of the Politecnico will host the following seminars:

26 September 2023 - Program:
  • 10,00 am - 12,00 pm: "Water desalination by membranes, LCA"
    Speakers: Professors Alberto Tiraferri and Isabella Bianco;
  • 12,00 pm - 12,30 pm: "Energy challenges for future water desalination plant projects in Northern Chile"
    Speaker: Professor Mauro Henriquez - Universidad de Antofagasta;
  • 12,30 pm - 13,00 pm: Discussion.
6 October 2023 - Program:
  • 10,00 am - 11,30 am: "Stability and groundwater management in mining districts, heat pumps"
    Speakers: Professors Daniele Peila, Daniele Martinelli, Tiziana Tosco and Alessandro Casasso;
  • 11.30 am – 12.00 pm "Megawatt Photovoltaic Plant in the Atacama Desert: Sustainable Seawater Supply for Mining"
    Speaker: Professor Douglas Olivares - Universidad de Antofagasta;
  • 12,00 pm - 12,30 pm: Discussion.