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Traveling-wave parametric amplifiers: myths and realities

On Wednesday, 27 September 2023, the meeting entitled "Traveling-wave parametric amplifiers: myths and realities", organized by the Italian National Institute of Metrology Research (INRiM) will be held.


Microwave parametric amplifiers are ubiquitous in the readout of superconducting circuits, notably superconducting qubits used in quantum computers. As the first amplification stage in a readout chain, this kind of amplifier must have performances as close to ideal as possible. Over the past few years, traveling-wave parametric amplifiers (TWPAs) have emerged as an interesting platform, able to provide decade-wide amplification bandwidth at a reasonable gain and power handling. However, the scientific community still struggles with delivering a fair characterization of the noise performance of such amplifiers, and furthermore the TWPAs backward gain remains an issue. In this talk, Doctor Maxime Malnou will present the challenges that go along with performing a meaningful noise measurement of an amplification chain whose first amplifier is a TWPA, and he will present a possible avenue to provide backward isolation, in addition to forward amplification within the same device. Finally, he will discuss how the synthesis of traveling-wave structures can be a powerful tool for quantum information experiments.

Speaker: Doctor Maxime Malnou - Advanced Microwave Photonics, NIST