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Nature swapped and nature lost: Biodiversity Offsetting, Urbanization and Social Justice

On Tuesday 26 September 2023 the event entitled "Nature swapped and nature lost: Biodiversity Offsetting, Urbanization and Social Justice" will be held. The event is part of Cycle of meetings 2023 “Osmosis” towards new theorizations and tales fo the urban of the PhD program in Urban and Regional Development (URD).


This book unravels the profound implications of biodiversity offsetting for nature-society relationships and its links to environmental and social inequality. Drawing on people’s resistance against its implementation in several urban and rural places across England, it explores how the production of equivalent natures, the core promise of offsetting, reframes socionatures both discursively and materially transforming places and livelihoods. The book draws on theories and concepts from human geography, political ecology, and Marxist political economy, and aims to shift the trajectory of the current literature on the interplay between offsetting, urbanization and the neoliberal reconstruction of conservation and planning policies in the era following the 2008 financial crash.

Speaker: Elia Apostolopoulou - human geographer and political ecologist, PhD from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2009)

Presenter: Professor Francesca Governa - Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning - DIST of the Politecnico

  • Assistant professor Giacomo Pettenati - Università di Torino
  • Ioanna Chatzikonstantinou - DIST PhD Candidate
For further inquiries contact: ioanna.chatzikonstantinou@polito.it