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From sharing knowledge to cooperation

On Friday 9 June 2023, the event entitled "From sharing knowledge to cooperation" will be held in the Aula Buzano of the Politecnico.

The meeting is inspired by the idea that facing the challenging problems arising from globalization could benefit from cooperative research among countries with very different histories. Several lines of research in Statistics and its applications will be illustrated by diverse speakers, some in person and some online, ranging from theoretical to more applied topics. The goal of the day is to promote an exchange on the work performed by different research units acting in France, Italy, and Senegal in recent times, and to discuss cooperative actions devoted to sharing knowledge and to the training of young researchers.

  • 11,00: Wellcome: Eugenio Cavallo - Scientific Attaché, Embassy of Italy in Dakar
Opening remark: Giovanni Umberto De Vito - Ambassador of Italy in Dakar
  • 11,15: Sophie Dabo - University of Lille;
  • 11,40: Amir Khorrami Chokami - University of Turin;
  • 12:05 Alio Diop - University of St.Louis;
  • 12,30: Lunch break;
  • 13,00: Gianluca Mastrantonio - Politecnico di Torino;
  • 13:25 Papa Ngom - University of Dakar;
  • 13,50: Mauro Gasparini - Politecnico di Torino;
  • 14,14: Round Table - “Sharing knowledge and cooperation in research and training of young researchers”, with the additional participation of professor Stefano Berrone (chair of Collegio di Ingegneria Matematica);
  • 15,00: Conclusion.
Organizers: Valeria Chiadò Piat, Letterio Gatto, Mauro Gasparini

For more information contact valeria.chiadopiat@polito.it