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Lun 12 Giu
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Mathematics Building Partnership with Africa

On Monday 12 June 2023, the event entitled "Mathematics Building Partnership with Africa" will be held at the Sala "Emma Strada" of the Politecnico, organized on the occasion of the visit of Professor Sophie Dabo, University of Lille, former Chair of the Commission for Developing Countries of the European Mathematical Society, to the Department of Mathematical Sciences "Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange" - DISMA.

In the last few years Politecnico has been deeply involved to scientific partnerships with African science and academy. This has been especially achieved through mathematics via Erasmus projects and by the special program Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM), promoted by the London Mathematical Society. The meeting will report on the outputs of the several already implemented Politecnico's experiences to get hints and to design future actions to further collaborations. One of the goals is also to actively involve larger audiences of non-mathematicians to participate and to support new initiatives. The special role of mathematics as a booster for the intercultural/scientific/technological enhancement of young nations will be discussed in detail within a perspective of future actions.

Organizers: Enrico Bibbona, Letterio Gatto, Paola Miraglio.

Greetings from:Invited Speakers:Advisory Board
  • Valeria Chiadò-Piat - Deputy Chair of DISMA, Politecnico;
  • Sophie Dabo - Université de Lille, former Chair of the EMS-CDC;
  • Francesca De Filippi - Rector's Delegate for Cooperation;
  • Marina Marchisio - Università di Torino;
  • Frank Neumann - Chair of the LMS-MARM project;
  • Angela Tabiri - AIMS Ghana, founder of Femafricmath;
  • Francesca Verga - Politecnico University Task Force for Africa.