Gio 08 Giu
Seminari e Convegni

Waveform Design for High-mobility Communications

On Thursday, 8 June a new appointment of the Thursday Seminar cycle will be held online, entitled "Waveform Design for High-mobility Communications" organised by the Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering (CNR-IEIIT).


Orthogonal time frequency space
(OTFS) modulation has been recently proposed by Hadani et al. at WCNC’17, San Francisco. It was shown to offer significant advantages over OFDM in doubly dispersive channels for high-mobility wireless communications. The key idea of OTFS is to model mobile wireless channels in the delay Doppler domain, where a sparse nature of the geometry of the wireless channel is captured. This talk will introduce the general notion of OTFS/delay-Doppler communications, starting from the fundamentals of high mobility wireless channels, followed by the transceiver architecture used for detection and channel estimation, and finally discuss some applications.

Speaker: professor Emanuele Viterbo - Monash University