Mar 06 Giu
Seminari e Convegni

Physics, spectroscopy and imaging applied to biology and medicine

During the lecture it will be presented selected topics from their research activity. In particular it will be highlighted the results on TEM imaging results on DNA and cell membrane. Further it will be presented the generation of protein fibers and their structural studies. Finally, it will be given a survey on single molecule detection, Plasmon Polariton conversion to Hot electrons with a specific application to Self-similar Ag-nanosphere based plasmonic devices, fabricated using e-beam and electroless techniques, for characterization of complex mixtures of bio-molecules.

The Major novelty resides in the combined use of micro and nano-structures. The common aspects between the presented devices, is the design and the detailed control of the fabrication of the nanostructures, whose reproducible performances allows the experimental detection reproducibility down to few/single molecule regime.

Speaker: professor Enzo Di Fabrizio - Department of Applied Science and Technology - DISAT of the Politecnico