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Optical methods for spacecraft attitude and orbit determination

The course entitled "Optical methods for spacecraft attitude and orbit determination" organised by AIDAA, the Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics, will be held on 30 - 31 May 2023.


Images of celestial bodies collected by a camera contain much valuable information for a spacecraft, which can be used to infer the relative position and/or attitude. Imaging systems have been successfully employed in the past decades to this end, in the form of, e.g., star trackers, navigation cameras, horizon sensors. Depending on the apparent size of the targeted body within the image, different techniques are used to extract the relevant information. In this webinar, the fundamentals of optical navigation techniques will be discussed. Attendees will learn image processing techniques and attitude/position estimation algorithms. Test cases will also be discussed.

Learning objectives:
  • Fundamentals of attitude and orbit estimation from images
  • Image formation and processing techniques
  • Algorithms for position and attitude determination

Target audience: doctoral students, non-academic professionals, and undergraduate students.

This course is part of the 2023 institutional activity for AIDAA members, for more information contact academy@aidaa.it