Da 11 Mag
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10° Industrial Workshop - Advanced Materials for Energy: challenges and opportunities

This workshop is the 10° one of a series of industry-related meetings organized by KMM-VIN. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading experts from industry and academia to discuss the latest developments in the broad area of Advanced Materials for Energy related technologies.

The workshop includes the following topics:
  • Materials for solid oxide cells and Hydrogen technology;
  • Materials for energy conversion, energy harvesting and storage applications;
  • Materials for concentrated solar power plants;
  • Materials for the circular economy;
  • New generation of lead-free actuators;
  • Materials for CO2 capture.
Potential participants from industrial and academic organizations are encouraged to submit contributions to the workshop. Both, oral and poster presentations are welcome. Besides technical aspects, the workshop will provide a good opportunity for networking that may result in future collaborative projects.

Abstract submission: abstracts of oral or poster presentations (max. 300 words) can be submitted by 30 April 2023 using this link.

For any question concerning the workshop please contact the workshop chairs:
  • Monica Ferraris: monica.ferraris@polito.it;
  • Christof Sommitsch: christof.sommitsch@tugraz.at.
Or the local organizers:
  • Milena Salvo: milena.salvo@polito.it;
  • Federico Smeacetto: federico.smeacetto@polito.it;
  • Valentina Casalegno: valentina.casalegno@polito.it.
Or Michal Basista (KMM-VIN office): michal.basista@kmm-vin.eu.