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EduNano-Education in Nanotechnologies

43 mesi (2013 - 2017)
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EACEA 35/2012


The project focuses on closer cooperation in the university sector and transparency of qualifications and recognition methods. It is aimed at common courses development for the new skills needed for the new jobs in the multidisciplinary nanotechnology for MSc degree level, professionals and teacher training. There are few individual research teams, laboratories or companies that can claim to be able to respond to the technological challenges. To meet these needs in this project 3 European and 6 Israeli universities and 3 research centres will share infrastructure, technological and human resources to develop certified modules, based on ECTS to be used in the corresponding partners’ training programmes in nanotechnologies. Although the HE in Israel does not follow the ECTS system, the objective of the Tempus Curricular Reform is 'Modernisation of curricula in academic disciplines identified as priorities by the Partner Countries, using the ECTS, the three cycle system and the recognition of degrees'. So, in this project we will work towards modernisation of engineering and physics curricula in nanotechnologies and test the introduction of ECTS within 6 Israeli universities and recognition of credits in the EU universities. Each course will be designed by the best laboratory/department in the field which dispose with the necessary infrastructure and facilities. They will develop e-learning courses and record lectures and practical work in clean rooms in nanotechnologies.

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