Marco Gajetti

Research Assistant
Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP)

Docente esterno e/o collaboratore didattico
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMEAS)



Bachelor of Science

MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Other activities and projects related to teaching

The didactics deals with the analysis of incidental situations in the aeronautical industry with greater emphasis from the point of view of operations considering the entire transport supply chain: from the Handling operations of the aircraft to the ground, to the briefing, debriefing to handling taxing and Take Off dating and landing at airports, flight operations, and where possible to ATC operations.
Methodology initially supports the science of human factors based on the Safety I using the "epidemiological of diffusion criterion due to the effect of latent precondictions in accidents. In the second analysis, teaching evolves towards the most modern principles, of the incidental analysis (however not yet completely consolidated) of Resilience Engineering or Safety II where the systems are seen as socio-technological systems and the contribution of the human factors is seen in terms of variability emerging or system adaptation of the system to general variability. Whether it or not or not to overcome the ability to adapt the system to the environment with functional resonance phenomena.