Gioacchino Cafiero

Assistant Professor with time contract
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMEAS)


Research interests

Experimental fluid mechanics


Gioacchino Cafiero holds the role of assistant professor with tenure, from 1 April 2021. GC's research activity is mainly focused on the field of flow control, using active and passive techniques. Recently, GC has focused on the implementation of artificial intelligence-based techniques for defining optimal control laws for reducing the drag of bluff bodies, such as commercial transport vehicles. The research activity also focuses on the study of the aerodynamic performance of unmanned vehicles operating in urban environments. GC has developed a wide range of knowledge in the field of canonical turbulent flow modeling, including the implications of newly found scaling on the properties of such flows (i.e. the entrainment speed in turbulent planar jets). GC has also contributed to the development and application of non-intrusive anemometric techniques for the measurement of turbulent flows such as tomographic particle image velocimetry.

Scientific branch

(Area 0009 - Industrial and information engineering)


ERC sectors

PE8_1 - Aerospace engineering


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 13: Climate action


PhD Boards

  • INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE, 2021/2022 (38. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE, 2020/2021 (37. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • INGEGNERIA AEROSPAZIALE, 2018/2019 (35. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO

Courses of Study Boards



MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Master of Science

MostraNascondi A.A. passati


Research projects

Projects funded by competitive calls

Projects funded by commercial contracts

Supervised PhD students

  • Paolo Joao Comunian. Programme in Ingegneria Aerospaziale (39th cycle, 2023-in progress)
  • Enrico Amico. Programme in Ingegneria Aerospaziale (38th cycle, 2022-in progress)
  • Alessandro Grava. Programme in Ingegneria Aerospaziale (38th cycle, 2022-in progress)


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