Paolo Landoni

Full Professor (L. 240)
Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP)


Research interests

Business angels
Business model innovation
Imprese a significativo impatto sociale
Incubatori e acceleratori d'impresa
Startup company


Paolo Landoni is Professor of Entrepreneurship for the Master's Degree in Management Engineering. Paolo Landoni also teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation in several Business Schools and is co-director of the International Master in Industrial Management - IMIM. His research activity is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation with significant social impact. Paolo Landoni studies methods and models for the birth and growth of startups and for the subjects supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as incubators/accelerators and business angels. Paolo Landoni is the Coordinator of the internatonal research team


ERC sectors

SH1_7 - Behavioural economics; experimental economics; neuro-economics
SH2_2 - Democratisation and social movements
SH1_3 - Development economics, health economics, education economics
SH2_7 - Environmental and climate change, societal impact and policy
SH1_4 - Financial economics; banking; corporate finance; international finance; accounting; auditing; insurance
SH1_2 - International trade; international business; international management; spatial economics
SH1_5 - Labour and demographic economics; human resource management
SH1_1 - Macroeconomics; monetary economics; economic growth
SH1_10 - Management; marketing; organisational behaviour; operations management
SH2_1 - Political systems, governance
SH1_13 - Public economics; political economics; law and economics
SH1_14 - Quantitative economic history; institutional economics; economic systems
SH3_7 - Social policies, welfare
SH2_6 - Sustainability sciences, environment and resources
SH1_11 - Technological change, innovation, research & development

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