Rossana Bellopede

Associate Professor (L. 240)
Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering (DIATI)

  • Member of Interdepartmental Center SISCON - Safety of Infrastructures and Constructions


Research interests

Asbestos risk
Built heritage
Circular economy
Construction and demolition waste
Dimension stones
Heritage stones
Mineral processing
Solid characterization
Solid waste management
Waste treatment plant


Rossana Bellopede si è laureata in Ingegneria per l’Ambiente il Territorio presso il Politecnico di Torino con votazione 107/110 e nel 2006 ha conseguito presso lo stesso Ateneo il titolo di Dottore di Ricerca. Da Dicembre 2019 è Professore Associato. Dal 2003 ha svolto didattica e ricerca nei seguenti ambiti: recupero e trattamento del marino di galleria e di altri sottoprodotti industriali, durabilità in opera di diversi materiali lapidei, fenomeni di incurvamento di lastre di rivestimenti esterni di facciata, procedure di prova per valutare il contenuto di amianto, ingegneria della sicurezza connessa in particolar modo alle attività minerarie e di industriali.


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ERC sectors

PE8_3 - Civil engineering, architecture, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment
PE8_8 - Materials engineering (metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, etc.)
PE8_7 - Mechanical and manufacturing engineering (shaping, mounting, joining, separation)
PE10_10 - Mineralogy, petrology, igneous petrology, metamorphic petrology
SH3_13 - Science and technology studies
SH2_6 - Sustainability sciences, environment and resources
PE8_11 - Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design)


Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
Goal 13: Climate action
Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals


  • Advisor - ANIM - Associazione Nazionale Ingegneri Minerari, Italia (2019-)


  • 2nd International Workshop on Heritage Stones (5/10/2021-7/10/2021), Participation to the organizing committee

Research networks

  • PROMETIA (2018-). Partecipazione

Non-commercial collaboration agreements


Collegi of the PhD programmes

  • INGEGNERIA CIVILE E AMBIENTALE, 2022/2023 (39. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • INGEGNERIA CIVILE E AMBIENTALE, 2021/2022 (38. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • INGEGNERIA CIVILE E AMBIENTALE, 2020/2021 (37. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • INGEGNERIA CIVILE E AMBIENTALE, 2019/2020 (36. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO

Collegi of the degree programmes



MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Master of Science

MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Bachelor of Science

MostraNascondi A.A. passati

Other activities and projects related to teaching

Bellopede collaborates for the lessons and laboratories of the following courses at the Politecnico di Torino: "Raw and waste Raw Materials Engineering", "Occupational Safety ", Valutazione e gestione del rischio nell'industria e nei cantieri", "Diritto dell'impresa".


Research fields


Research projects

Projects funded by competitive calls

Projects funded by commercial contracts

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Supervised PhD students

  • Sinem Hazal Akyildiz. Programme in Ingegneria Civile E Ambientale (39th cycle, 2023-in progress)
  • Valentina Balestra. Programme in Ingegneria Civile E Ambientale (38th cycle, 2022-in progress)
    Research subject: microplastic pollution, water and soil pollution, karst areas, groundwaters, biodiversity
    Environmental Quality
    Environmental Quality

Other activities and projects related to research

Bellopede research activity has been developed on recovery and treatment of solid waste, durability of natural stone, bowing of natural stone slabs, testing to asbestos content measure. Following the description of the main research projects carried on:

Recycling and processing of tunnel muck and stone waste and other secondary raw material. Within the REMUCK project "Innovative methods for the eco-compatible and sustainable recycling of muck from tunnel excavation, also considering the potential content of noxious minerals" she is studying on the basis of the petrographic, physical and mechanical properties the possible uses of the muck like primary mineral raw material.

Evaluation of durability of different natural stones. Within the European project McDUR ("Effects of the Weathering On Stone Materials: Assessment of their Mechanical Durability, VFP) she studied different NDT techniques to evaluate, both in situ and in laboratory, the durability of natural stones. Within the European project TEAM (Testing and Assessment of Marble and Limestone, V PQ) she studied, by means of laboratory tests and accelerated ageing cycles on marble specimens, the causes of bowing phenomenon on façade marble slabs.


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