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PAIN AND GAIN - Positioning And INtelligent Alarms supported by a New Dense GNSS Affordable Infrastructure

24 months (2025)
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Nationally funded research - PRIN
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Accurate knowledge of real-time positioning of people, objects and goods is essential for many applications, both outdoor and also indoor or underwater contexts: positioning is an enabling technology in many cases, ranging from navigation, autonomous terrestrial and aerial vehicles, precision agriculture to landslide monitoring, just to cite few. The spread of wearable and low-cost (LC) devices, like smartphones and tablets, has increased the possibility to improve the positioning knowledge of non-professional users in outdoor areas. However, the use of these instruments for precise positioning is uncommon because the methodologies needed for such aim are not completely developed and ready to use. Besides, it is still challenging to use these devices in mountain areas, where infrastructures (e.g., GNSS permanent stations, Long Term Evolution connection, etc.) are not available. In this context, this research project wants to pursue the usability of LC and portable devices for precise positioning in challenging conditions, where the positioning reliability usually cannot be guaranteed, and to test the implemented solutions in pilot studies of wide interest, in particular for the public safety.



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PE10_14 - Earth observations from space/remote sensing


Total cost: € 269,992.00
Total contribution: € 195,608.00
PoliTo total cost: € 122,880.00
PoliTo contribution: € 83,528.00