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ASSURED - GV-08-2017

49 months (2017 - 2021)
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UE-funded research - H2020 - Societal Challenges - Transport
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The overall objectives of ASSURED are: - Analysing the needs of the cities, operators and end-users to derive the requirements and specifications for the next generation of electrically chargeable heavy-duty (HD) vehicles (i.e. buses), medium-duty (MD) trucks and light duty vehicles for operation within an urban environment; - Improving the total cost of ownership (TCO) through better understanding of the impact of fast charging profiles on battery lifetime, sizing, safety, grid reliability and energy- efficiency of the charger-vehicle combination; - Development of next generation modular high-power charging solutions for electrified HD and MD vehicles; - Development of innovative charging management strategies to improve the TCO, the environmental impact, operational cost and the impact on the grid stability from the fleet upscaling point of view; - Demonstration of 6 electrically chargeable HD vehicles (public transport buses), 3 MD trucks (2 refuse collections & 1 delivery truck) and 1 light duty vehicle with automatic fast charging; - Development of interoperable and scalable high power charging solutions among different key European charging solution providers; - Demonstration of energy and cost efficient wireless charging solutions up to 100 kW for an electric light duty vehicle (VAN); - Evaluating the cost, energy efficiency, impact on the grid of the different use cases, noise and environmental impact of the ASSURED solutions; - To actively support the take-up of business cases and exploitation of project results across Europe of the use cases by partner cities (Barcelona, Osnabruck, Goteborg, Brussels, Jaworzno, Munich, Eindhoven, Bayonne, Madrid) and end users.

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  • VUB - Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Total cost: € 23,648,132.51
Total contribution: € 18,657,433.06
PoliTo total cost: € 440,750.00
PoliTo contribution: € 440,750.00