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MODCOMP - MODified Cost Effective fibre based structures with imprOved Multi-functionality and Performance

49 months (2016 - 2020)
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UE-funded research - H2020 - Industrial Leadership – LEIT - NANOTECHNOLOGIES
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Current technological demands are increasingly stretching the properties of advanced materials to expand their applications to more severe or extreme conditions, whilst simultaneously seeking cost-effective production processes and final products. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the influence of different surface enhancing and modification techniques on CF-based materials for high value and high performance applications. These materials are a route to further exploiting advanced materials, using enabling technologies for additional functionalities, without compromising structural integrity. Carbon fibre (CF) based materials have particular advantages due to their lightweight, good mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Current generation CFs have extensively been used in a multitude of applications, taking advantage of their valuable properties to provide solutions in complex problems of materials science and technology, however the limits of the current capability has now being reached. MODCOMP aims to develop novel fibre-based materials for technical, high value, high performance products for non-clothing applications at realistic cost, with improved safety and functionality. Demonstrators will be designed to fulfil scalability towards industrial needs . End users from a wide range of industrial sectors (transport, construction, leisure and electronics) will adapt the knowledge gained from the project and test the innovative high added value demonstrators. An in-depth and broad analysis of material development, coupled with related modelling studies, recycling and safety will be conducted in parallel for two types of materials (concepts): • CF-based structures with increased functionality (enhanced mechanical, electrical, thermal properties). • CNF-based structures for flexible electronics applications. Dedicated multiscale modelling, standardisation and production of reference materials are also considered

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  • National Technical University of Athens


Total cost: € 9,398,406.25
Total contribution: € 7,980,036.25
PoliTo total cost: € 476,937.50
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