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24 months (2017 - 2018)
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UE-funded research - H2020 - Excellent Science - FET
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This FET-open Coordination and Support Action is called Nanoarchitectronics (NTX) to denote a new interdisciplinary research area at the crossroad of Electromagnetics and Nanoelectronics. NTX It is a new technology aimed at conceiving, designing and developing reconfigurable, adaptive and cognitive structures, sensorial surfaces and functional skins with unique physical properties, and engineering applications in the whole electromagnetic spectrum; through assembling building blocks at nanoscale in hierarchical architectures. The conception of this new area responds to the need of unifying concepts, methodologies and technologies in Communications, Environment Sensing Systems, Safety and Security, Bio-Sensing Systems and Imaging Nanosystems, within a wide frequency range. This FET project proposal gathers thirteen universities, research centers and high-tech industries, belonging to eight European countries. According to the FET work-program, the major objective of Nanoarchitectronics is to boost the future application-driven research through the establishment of an accepted language among physicists and engineers, a shared way of thinking, a common theoretical foundation and a common strategy for the future. Therefore, the project aims at laying the foundation for an ever-increasing synergy and progress of Nanoarchitectronics. To achieve these objectives, Nanoarchitectronics is structured in four main activities. The Concept activity is devoted to establish and define the concepts of Nanoarchitectronics and its boundaries with respect to other disciplines and to the activity carried out by other consortia. The Strategy activity identifies the policy dialogue and the strategic view of the consortium in terms of position, impact and vision. The Virtual Networking serves to internal web communication (private), and for dissemination (public). The Dissemination and Exploitation activity is carried out mainly by the industrial partners of the consortium

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Total cost: € 670,000.00
Total contribution: € 670,000.00
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PoliTo contribution: € 66,000.00