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ResCult - Civil Protection

18 months (2018)
Principal investigator(s):
Project type:
UE-funded research
Funding body:
COMMISSIONE EUROPEA (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations)
Project identification number:
DG ECHO Call for proposals 2016 for prevention and preparedness projects in the field of civil protection and marine pollution


The overall objective of RESCULT is to enhance the capability of Civil Protection (CP) to prevent and mitigate impacts of disasters on sites of Cultural Heritage (CH). This will be done through the realization of an integrated European Interoperable Database (EID) for CH, designed to provide a unique framework for CP, national Ministries of CH, the European Union (EU), local authorities. Moreover, RESCULT will provide a disaster risk reduction strategy identifying tailored actions and investments to improve both prevention and resilience capacities. Specifically, RESCULT is working on the following three overall objectives: Improvement of the Disaster Risk Reduction strategy (for prevention and resilience), according to the principles of Sendai Framework. Increase cooperation and interoperability between EU member states for the sake of protecting Cultural Heritage (information sharing, interoperable protocols, best practices dissemination, alignment with EU policies/standards Enhancement of the capability of Civil Protection Bodies to understand/prevent/mitigate disasters impacts on Cultural Heritage



  • SITI - ISTITUTO SUPERIORE SUI SISTEMI TERRITORIALI PER L'INNOVAZIONE (anagrafica chiusa per cessata partita iva)


Total cost: € 791,893.11
Total contribution: € 593,919.83
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