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eID4U - eID for University

15 months (2018 - 2019)
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UE-funded research - CEF
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The eID4U proposal aims to enable the usage of the notified national eIDs of each member state in services offered by the European academic world. This is in response to the call for activity about “eIDASenabled Erasmus Student eCard”. However, as most universities are moving away from physical cards (such as smart-cards) we propose to create a virtual student card based on the standard eIDAS attributes for physical persons, extended with those new attributes required for the academic environment. In turn, this is based on our extensive experience in the projects Stork, Stork-2.0, and e-SENS, that paved the way and sustained the definition and deployment of the current eIDAS eID infrastructure, with specific pilots about student mobility and services. The objectives of this proposal are: (1) the definition of attributes needed to support academic services for foreign students; (2) the support of these attributes by the eIDAS nodes of the participating member states; (3) the extension of a set of existing academic services to support both eIDAS and the new attributes; (4) a test phase to gain experience about the practical effectiveness of the adopted solution and prepare the operational phase of the extended services (to be started right at the end of the project).

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