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PowComf - Mild Hybrid Powertrain Modeling & Control for Efficiency and Comfort Improvement

12 months (2020 - 2021)
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Corporate-funded and donor-funded research
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The activity will focus on the modeling and control Mild Hybrid Powertrains with the aim of addressing the following subjects: -P2 and P21/2 powertrain modeling at a level so that the dynamic effects of the e-machine on the powertrain components can be investigated. Development of a powertrain model in Matlab/Simulink environment. -study of the effects of the e-machine dynamics (low and high frequency) on the dynamic behavior of the powertrain components and vehicle system, -e-machine control strategy improvements to minimize dynamics effect, identification of a design guidelines for powertrain components and subsystems, -exploitation of potential benefits coming from the e-horizon (benefits on powertrain control exploiting info coming from ADAS sensors).

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PE7_3 - Simulation engineering and modelling

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