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12 months (2019)
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UE-funded research
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The objective of the project is: PROMOTING MIGRANTS IN SCIENCE EDUCATION and in choosing science careers. The migrants addressed are children of immigrants because of economic and political reasons. There will be a focus on intense cooperation between co untries of origin and countries of residence, in order to harmonise the different methods and standards in science education. These differences in science education in addition to linguistic and cultural communication problems are considered to hamper a successful integration of migrants. The goal will be achieved by a threefold package of activities: 1) DIRECT PROMOTION of migrant girls at universities by establishing CLUBS LISE, a girls working group on topics of science, to promote the choice of sci ence studies for migrant girls as an underrepresented group in science. Acknowledging the gender dimension in science as a male-dominated field the girls will work together with female scientists and science students with migration background. These will function as role-models for their own science careers. 2) To affect a MEDIUM-TERM PROMOTION of migrants in science education PROMISE-teams consisting of teachers and education scientists will cooperate with experts of migration, language and intercultu ral research in order to collect and develop new methods and best practices in science education considering the linguistic and cultural diversity of classes. 3) To establish a LONG-TERM PROMOTION of migrants, specific teacher trainings will be institut ionalised. For the purpose of harmonisation of methods of science education a dialogue between countries of origin and residence, between universities and schools, will be established.





Total cost: € 984,187.00
Total contribution: € 541,304.00
PoliTo total cost: € 200,000.00
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