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MetAMCII - Industry

37 months (2021)
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UE-funded research
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Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) in the form of chemical vapours or aerosols has an adverse effect on products, processes or instruments. Technological progress is driven by the ability to operate at ever smaller scales and with greater complexity, thus increasing the demand for lower AMC concentration measurement. Real time online monitoring is critical to ensure that corrective action is taken before this impacts on production costs. Therefore, this project focusses on developing underpinning metrology focused on new ultra-sensitive spectroscopic techniques and high accuracy reference materials at extremely low concentrations for key AMCs. These developments are urgently needed in order to improve manufacturing processes and to control contamination. The aim is to increase industrial competitiveness, reduce down time and remove barriers to efficient manufacturing.



Total cost: € 1,826,724.85
Total contribution: € 1,795,474.85
PoliTo total cost: € 31,250.00