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Mathematical models for orders forecasting and management and big data analysis for orders pre-configuration

12 months (2017)
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Corporate-funded and donor-funded research
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Progetti di ricerca finanziati nell’ambito dell’Accordo FCA 2014-2018 - progetti 2017


The research proposal is the continuation of the project “Mathematical models for orders forecasting and management and big data analysis for orders pre-configuration”, just completed.The goal of this new proposal is to extend the results of the first project, by fulfilling open points and by further enhancing the order-by-delivery process with a more consistent data management and the inclusion of economic data one side and on the other side a robust interface towards the user and a validation phase based on a real campaign. As a result, this proposal addresses two main directions: 1. Multiple objective optimization and intermittent demand analysis 2. Data modelling, ingestion and management 3. User interface and validation through promotional campaign As a result, the objectives of this project are: 1) to propose mathematical models that include also the economic aspects, to generate pre-configured sellable orders to optimize profitability and plant saturation, while reducing lead time for the customer; 2) to specify a database for storing data in a sound and consistent manner, thus easing pre-configured order creation and optimization in a seamless way; 3) to validate the tool within a real campaign.



  • FCA Italy S.p.A.


Total cost: € 680,000.00
Total contribution: € 28,000.00
PoliTo total cost: € 28,000.00
PoliTo contribution: € 28,000.00