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PRIME - Predictive maintenance for production processes

12 months (2021 - 2022)
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Corporate-funded and donor-funded research
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Sole Contractor


The goal of the project is to develop a framework capable of performing condition monitoring on different kinds of equipment from Stellantis production plants using only a limited set of information (i.e. accelerometers at key locations). The ultimate objective is to reduce plant maintenance costs and machine downtime by processing vibration data acquired in-situ. One of the main outputs of the project is the definition of effective pre warning and warning thresholds for vibration signals. These thresholds will be defined using ISO standards for those cases where standards are applicable, and a standard inspired methodology for cases where standards are not directly applicable. Especially for those cases not covered by ISO standards, the influence of relevant parameters such as machine size, speed, speed reduction ratios, background noise from other equipment etc will be evaluated. An experimental validation of the proposed methodology will be performed on a reference case thanks to a purposely developed test bench.

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PE8_9 - Production technology, process engineering

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Obiettivo 8. Incentivare una crescita economica duratura, inclusiva e sostenibile, un’occupazione piena e produttiva ed un lavoro dignitoso per tutti|Obiettivo 12. Garantire modelli sostenibili di produzione e di consumo|Obiettivo 9. Costruire un'infrastruttura resiliente e promuovere l'innovazione ed una industrializzazione equa, responsabile e sostenibile


Total cost: € 27,000.00
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